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A20EM4H4R12 is the 20 SEER 12,000 Btu indoor unit of the Platinum Series.
Platinum Series evaporator (12k)

Remote Control

Remote Control
# Name Description
1 ON/OFF Press to start or stop operation
2 MODE Press to select operation mode (Auto/Cool/Dry/Fan/Heat)
3 + (Raise) Press to raise the temperature setting
4 - (Lower) Press to lower the temperature setting
5 FAN Press to set fan speed
6 SWING ANGLE Press to set swing angle
7 TIMER ON Press to set auto-on timer
8 TIMER OFF Press to set auto-off timer
9 CLOCK Press to set clock
10 X-FAN Pressing X-FAN button in COOL or DRY mode, the icon is displayed and the indoor fan will continue operation for 10 minutes in order to dry the indoor unit even though you have turned off the unit.
11 TEMP Press to cycle through Set Temp/Indoor Ambient Temp/Outdoor Ambient Temp
12 TURBO Press to initiate the "Turbo" funciton
13 SLEEP Press to initiate Sleep mode
14 LIGHT Press to turn on/off backlight

Wiring Diagram

A20EM4H4R12 Wiring Diagram

Exploded View and Parts List

A20EM4H4R12 Exploded View
Number Part Name
1 Pipe Connection Nut Accessories
2 Temperature Sensor
3 Temperature Sensor
4 Remote Controller
5 Evaporator Support
6 Ring of Bearing
7 O-Gasket Sub-Assy of Bearing
8 Cross Flow Fan
9 Rear Case Assy
10 Rear Case
11 Axile Bush
12 Left Axile Bush
13 Air Louver 1
14 Guild Louver
15 Front Case Sub-Assy
16 Filter Sub-Assy
17 Front Panel Sub-Assy
18 Screw Cover
19 Jumper
20 Electric Box Cover 2
21 Main Board
22 Electric Box
23 Air Louver 2
24 Helicoid Tongue
25 Crank
26 Stepping Motor
27 Rubber Plug (Water Tray)
28 Cable Cross Plate
29 Drainage Hose
30 Connecting Pipe Clamp
31 Wall Mounting Frame
32 Fan Motor
33 Motor Press Plate
34 Evaporator Assy
35 Lower Shield Sub-Assy of Electric Box
36 Terminal Board
37 Electric Box Cover 1
38 Shield Cover of Electric Box Sub-Assy
39 Display Board
40 Electric Box Assy