Enjoying your new Air-Con unit

  • Make sure it is installed by a fully licensed HVAC technician.
  • Read the User Manual carefully for instructions on everyday use and regular maintenance.
  • Keep a copy of your invoice and if you ordered online, a copy of your packing list that came with your shipment.
  • Register your Air-Con unit(s) to ensure your warranty benefits. It is recommended you register upon receiving your units.
Need help with your Air-Con unit? What to download useful information like Submittal Sheets and unit specifications? Please visit our Technical Support Wiki by clicking the image below.

Installation or Technical Problems?

Consult out Technical Support Wiki for information on servicing and troubleshooting Air-Con units.

Visit our Wiki

When having technical problems please have your licensed HVAC technician call us. Before contacting Technical Support, technicians and homeowners can consult the Technical Support Wiki.

Warranty Information

Verify that your unit is still under warranty.

Warranty Information

Before you contact us please make sure your units have been registered and you have read our Warranty Information page to verify that your unit is still under warranty.

Warranty Registration

If you already purchased an Air-Con Unit, we advise you to fill out our Warranty Registration form.

Making a Warranty Claim

When contacting Air-Con for a warranty claim, please have the following information handy:

  • Product model number

  • Product serial number

  • Part that needs replacing


Please contact us using the Contact Us page.